Our story began in 2013 with our specialization being grilling & BBQ. Because of high demands, we expanded and adjusted our menu with the customer’s needs and wants.
Based on their backgrounds in hospitality, culinary and service, Gunno Rachmat and Lodi Orlando developed their business by being joined by Reza & Arifin in 2016. They implemented their business and culinary values to The Food Planner.

Vision & Mission
Vision : Pioneer in versatile of Food Industry.
Mission : To bring culinary adventures to the customers.




Having traveled the world for culinary experiences as a chef on board of Celebrity Cruise Line. He was certified by the Culinary Institute Of America.


Experienced chef, working in several restaurants and kitchens. He has also had experience in various companies, in which he was eager to organize and manage. When he is not in his kitchen, he spends time travelling and exploring new recipes.